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Jenn grew up singing and dancing, and discovered Pilates while studying for her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater. After performing in NYC and touring around the country, she paused and underwent colon resection surgery due to her Crohn's Disease. Using Pilates to rehabilitate and cope with the surgery, she fell even more in love with it and is now stronger and healthier than ever! Pilates became not only body altering, but also life-altering for Jenn when she realized her passion for doing translated into a passion for teaching. This ultimately led to a transition from Musical Theater to a successful career in fitness, and she is now the Director of Pilates at FLEX Studios.

Jenn is certified in Mat and Apparatus through Pilates Academy International, as well as TRX suspension training and Prenatal & Postnatal exercise. Jenn has been featured in several major publications including Glamour, SHAPE, Women’s Health, MAXIM, People StyleWatch, AND New York Magazine. She has appeared in segments on NBC’s TODAY, FOX News and Telemundo. She is an ambassador for Lululemon and the new fitness social media platform Fitmoo.

Jenn trains a wide range of clients from top models, like Victoria's Secret Super Model Alessandra Ambrosio and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Kate Bock and Lauren Mellor; to professional athletes like Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers. She also works with other film, television and Broadway stars, dancers, marathon and Ironman competitors, NYC socialites and of course new & expectant moms. Jenn loves transforming bodies by adding a modern spin to classic Pilates exercises and is a stickler for form and precision. This adds to the intensity of the workout, and ultimately leads to faster results, leaving you feeling leaner, longer, and stronger!




Originally called Contrology, Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates and has stood the test of time as one of the worlds most effective exercise methods. Done on a mat or one of the many pieces of Pilates equipment, like the reformer, chair or cadillac, it is a total body workout that will not only sculpt & tone long lean muscles, but will improve endurance, stamina, balance, alignment and of course core strength.


TRX Suspension Training was developed by the NAVY Seals to keep them in top physical shape while out on missions. Using your own body weight to create resistance, it is an efficient and highly effective total body workout, developing balance and core strength, as well as increasing endurance and stamina.


Combining principles from Ballet, Pilates and High Intensity Interval Training, Barre is a strengthening & conditioning workout that will sculpt and tone your physique like no other.


A workout designed specifically for expecting moms, Prenatal Pilates offers a total body workout with a strong focus on pregnancy modified abdominal exercises to maintain a strong connection to the core. This will prevent exaggerated diastasis as well as alleviate back pain & hip pain associated with pregnancy. Prenatal exercise will not only help you break a healthy sweat and feel your best throughout your pregnancy, but will also aid in a smoother labor and delivery, and support a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy body. *Always consult your doctor before beginning any prenatal exercise program.


Postnatal Pilates caters to the specific needs of new moms. Reconnecting to the abdominals in a safe and effective way as well as strengthening the arms back and hip stabilizers are all crucial to regaining strength and vitality as the body returns to it’s pre-pregnancy state. *Always consult your doctor before beginning any postnatal exercise program.



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